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A ‘local mindset’ is the productive centre of the Cantilever spirit. Wherever possible we design + make our product using locally sourced material, often designing alternatives to imported products for local manufacture. Sourcing local moves beyond material, into the forest, creek and beachside with our latest release of K3 SoftTouch Palette series; Forage + Find.

K3 Kitchen System is our third child, born in 2014.  Testament to our ethos of Design for Longevity, it brings together material durability, fabrication integrity, and longevity of style; key strategies that improve the sustainability of our products.

For many, K3 strikes the heart as ‘the one’. Blindly sought, and finally found. 

Much like wild mushrooms.

In the development of K3 Forage + Found Palette group, Cantilever sought the expertise of Hatch Concrete to develop a series of masterful coloured concrete benchtop options. Tried and tested, the product creates a durable matte surface paired a robust sealant.  Locally made, owners Darryn and Jayne balance the design and manufacture of their concrete products from their Studio Workshop in Inverloch.  Local life in such a location affords a keen, daily inter-relationship with the beautiful, and bountiful, coastal surrounds. 

It is easy to forget that our natural world surrounds us, even in the suburbs.  Foraged finds abound when we take our minds eye to fruitful street trees, fallen wattle seed, wild sown hazelnut trees amongst bike paths.  Creekside edible native greens, lemon myrtle leaf teas.  Be you in a pine forest, city parkland, or coastal walk, it is those that seek who will find. 

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