The 2 Best Stand Mixers of 2024

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The Artisan’s design is simple and user-friendly. There’s a speed control lever on the left, a switch to lock the head down on the right, and a power hub for extra accessories in the front. Many mixers will lock the head in place when it’s tilted up as well as when it’s down and positioned to mix, but the Artisan does not. This initially concerned us, but we’ve never actually had the head come crashing down on us. Meanwhile, we found the mixers that did lock the head upright, like the Cuisinart Precision Master, inconvenient. You need both hands to work the mechanism: one to press the release button, the other to simultaneously raise or lower the head. It sounds minor, but when you have a bowl of dry ingredients in your hand, it’s annoying to have to set it aside to put the mixer in place.

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