Think You’ve Got No Use for a Shop Vac? Think Again.

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A shop vac, also known as a wet/dry vac, is designed to clear away all manner of home-improvement and construction debris, be it piles of sawdust, a scattering of old nails, or even the “workshop stew” we created for our latest round of testing, which included pine needles, screws, pistachio shells, bits of insulation, and a broken Christmas ornament.

Sucking up stuff that you may not want to subject your regular vacuum to—hello, basement puddles and shards of broken glass—is just one of several great reasons to keep a wet/dry vac around. It has also become my go-to for plenty more household chores, indoors and out. In a few short minutes, it can complete an array of tasks that typically require way too much sweeping, raking, or scrubbing—such as cleaning a grill, a dryer vent, a fireplace, or even a deck or patio.

Best of all, operating one is just like using a regular vacuum, which means even a non-handy person like myself can easily take advantage of its impressive versatility.

Our pick

This tool is capable, powerful, and well reviewed. For the size, it’s easy to lug around, and it comes with a terrific selection of attachments.

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