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Last weekend I took a little road trip out to some of the small towns surrounding the city to hunt for hidden antique treasures. As an avid collector and lover of all things vintage, I can never pass up the opportunity to dig through dusty boxes and shelves at local antique stores. You never know what unique pieces of history you might discover! This particular weekend ended up being one of my most successful antique hauls yet. I found several items that I know will bring character and charm to my home. Here are some of my favorite finds from the weekend to hopefully inspire your own antique adventures.

1. Ceramic Easter Bunny Figurine: A charming ceramic bunny with a soft white and beige color palette sits nestled among the eggs, adding a classic touch to the Easter decor.
2. Faux Easter Egg Wreath: There is a collection of artificial speckled eggs, evoking the appearance of bird’s eggs, and they are gathered in a natural-looking arrangement, contributing to the seasonal vibe of the setting.
3. Vintage Easter Tins: Below the bunny, vintage-inspired metal tins can be seen, featuring traditional Easter illustrations, which offer both a decorative and practical storage option for small items.

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4. Porcelain Bunny Bowl: Above the speckled eggs, there is an ornate, pastel-colored porcelain bowl designed to resemble a nest, adorned with floral patterns and hosting a bunny figure, perfect for holding Easter treats.
5. Easter Greeting Cards: On the bottom right, there are Easter greeting cards with traditional motifs and warm wishes, embodying the spirit of the holiday and suitable for giving to loved ones.
6. Children’s Easter-Themed Book: Tucked in the back of the shelf, there appears to be a vintage children’s book with golden lettering, possibly a classic Easter story, which adds a nostalgic literary element to the festive collection.

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