The 9 Best Space Heaters of 2024

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Our pick

The Vornado VH200 offers the best combination of power, comfort, and quietness. It heats a room faster and more evenly than other models we tested.

The Vornado VH200 has been our top pick since 2018. That’s because in speed and overall effectiveness, it has consistently surpassed nearly every other space heater we’ve tested, delivering an immediate temperature increase that builds steadily and evenly across the room over time. The VH200 is incredibly simple to use, with just three buttons (including the power switch). It’s also quieter than most other ceramic heaters we’ve tried, emitting only a soft, fanlike whir, and it’s compact enough to tuck away in a corner. Plus, it has all of the safety features we look for, along with a generous five-year warranty, just in case anything goes wrong.


The Vornado AVH10 was the most powerful space heater we tested, and it has a few thoughtful details that set it apart from others. But it tends to cost more.

The Vornado AVH10 is a lot like the VH200, with a few added features, such as a digital display, a convenient cord-wrapping post (for easy storage), and a countdown clock when you turn it off (for added safety). This model made the room hotter and warmed it faster than our top pick, but it also didn’t distribute that warm air quite as evenly. And it usually costs around $30 to $50 more. But the AVH10 is a great alternative if you find it for a good price, or if you really want those extra features.

Budget pick

This effective portable heater works quickly and lasts for years. But its narrow stream of hot air doesn’t feel as comfortable as the heat from models that warm a whole room, and it lacks some safety features.

We’ve been recommending the Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater since 2013, and it remains one of the cheapest and most reliable space heaters you can find. It warms up faster than most fan heaters we tested, and it has a compact, lightweight body (about the size of a loaf of bread) and can fit right under your desk. This heater’s focused stream of hot air is great for warming the area directly in front of it, but it’s not as good at spreading the heat around. So the Lasko 754200 is a better choice for a small bedroom or an office than for a large room. But overall, this is a consistent, reliable, and affordable powerhouse.

Also great

Oil-filled radiators are silent but slow. The De’Longhi TRD40615T is the best of its type because it’s sturdier than competitors, with an exterior that stays cooler to the touch.

Most space heaters can deliver quick heat to a single person, but oil-filled radiators are better at heating a whole room for a longer duration, and the De’Longhi TRD40615T is the best of its kind. Like most oil-filled radiators, this heater warms up much more slowly than a ceramic model. But it also retains that heat longer, providing a cozier, more-ambient warmth throughout the room. The TRD40615T’s burly, all-metal construction is more durable than that of our plastic picks, but it does take up more space.

Also great

This attractive space heater is able to oscillate, which helps to spread the heat quickly and evenly around the room.

The Dreo Solaris Slim H3 (DR-HSH003) stands out not only for its stylish appearance but also because it’s the rare oscillating heater that actually succeeds at spreading the warm air evenly around the room. It can’t warm you up quite as quickly as some of our other picks, but its steady arc of motion creates comfortable and uniform heating throughout your space. It also just looks great, with a sleek design and simple controls that let you choose between basic heat settings and a specific, dialed-in temperature. Plus, it has all of the usual safety features that we look for. It is still technically a tower fan, though, so it’s not fun to clean.

Also great

The Vheat’s solid heating performance is secondary to its delightful design, so it’s a great choice if you’re more concerned about aesthetics.

The vintage-style Vornado Vheat heats well enough, and it’s quite good-looking. With its solid metal construction and wonderfully retro knobs, the Vheat is simply the best-looking electric space heater we’ve found that doesn’t sacrifice (too much) functionality. It’s nearly (but not quite) as powerful and consistent as our other picks, but it’s a great choice for anyone interested in aesthetics as well as comfort.

Also great

If you need an electric heater in the bathroom, the Lasko CD08200 and the Dreo DR-HSH004A are the ones we recommend to do the job safely.

If you need an electric heater for the bathroom, the Lasko CD08200 and the Dreo DR-HSH004A are the models we recommend to do the job safely.

The Lasko CD08200 Ceramic Bathroom Heater and the Dreo DR-HSH004A are the most effective and—more important—safe ways to bring some infrared warmth to your bathroom. Although you should still try to keep your space heater far away from water, these models both come with ALCI safety plugs and with overheat protection, for added safety in the case of stray splashes. Both models did a great job of warming up the cold bathroom tile, too. The main difference is whether you want to control six buttons or one.

Also great

The battery-powered EcoFlow Wave 2 will keep you warm wherever you go—even if you don’t have any walls to plug it into.

The EcoFlow Wave 2 is a powerful portable air conditioner that makes a great companion for off-grid living, RV camping, and plenty of other alternative-living situations. With 6,100 BTU of heat, it’s more powerful than our other picks, but it’s also slower to warm the room—though the even blanket of warm comfort it provides might be worth the wait. The EcoFlow also works with solar panels, car ports, and a variety of other charging options, so you can keep yourself warm wherever you go.

Whichever space heater you choose, there are some common safety concerns that many people overlook: You can’t use any space heater with an extension cord, and you shouldn’t leave any heater unattended. And most heaters can’t be used in a bathroom, unless they’re specifically designed for it. We go over these and other considerations in detail in our section on space-heater care, maintenance, and safety.

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