The New GE Profile Washer-Dryer Combo Is Better Than Most. But We Still Don’t Recommend It.

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Washer-dryer combos are far from perfect. These all-in-one machines are limited to smaller-size loads, and they dry slowly. They also require more-frequent maintenance than their full-size or compact counterparts. We typically recommend considering a washer-dryer combo only if space or layout constraints give you no other choice.

But the GE Profile UltraFast Combo washer-dryer, which recently debuted, is a snazzy, feature-rich all-in-one machine that promises to quickly deliver clean, dry laundry in one step. According to GE Appliances, a washer-dryer combo shouldn’t be a compromise but rather an upgrade over the traditional, two-machine setup.

After running 25 loads over eight weeks, we found this model to be leagues better than washer-dryer combos of the past. It still involves major concessions, however. Here’s what to know if you’re considering getting one.

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